Yes, there is. For details, use the following link: http://bit.ly/2IGfBAo
Blockchain commune, block 3, 9 2-nd Donskoy lane, Moscow
This information will be published in the autumn of 2018. Negotiations are currently under way.
Participation is open to all countries with a few exceptions. These depend on the rules that exist in some jurisdictions, such as the United States, China, Singapore, etc.
The best way to learn about the project is to contact us directly. The list of all contacts is in the contact section of our website.
Token sale
The Pre Sale will be completed on September 09, 2018, and the main Token Sale will be held from October 10 through November 10, 2018.
VRX is used in the following operations on the platform:

-payment of the fee when creating a new territory;
-participation in auctions of determining the ownership of lots when creating virtual territories and in deals of change of ownership (sale) of lots;
-payment of fees (if any) for creating unique objects and their monetization, marketplace fees and other payments;
-remuneration for provision of server capacity that supports operations of the entire virtual space;
-participation in voting on the issues of internal management of virtual territories;
-payment of licenses for content use if the authors avail themselves of this way of monetization of their intellectual property;
-payment for services offered by employees and various service providers on the platform.
Soft Cap: 1 000 000$
A total of 130,000,000 VRX is available for purchase. 40,000,000 VRX at Pre-sale and 90,000,000 VRX at Token Sale.
Yes, a total of 250,000,000 VRX has been issued.
On the Ethereum platform.
Bonuses of 5% to 50% off the main token price ($0.05) will be available at Pre-Sale.
You can keep your VRX token on your account on our website (viarium.io).
You can also withdraw VRX tokens directly to exchanges or MyEtherWallet, but VRX tokens will be kept on our website until the Token Sale is over.
We hold the Token Sale to implement the project and further promote the platform, as well as to attract community who will develop the Viarium project together with us worldwide.
No, there are no limitations on your participation in the Token Sale.
While discussing the business plan and the road map we adopted a concept agreed upon with our lawyers and advisors. The adopted financial model will cover all possible project costs for the next three years.
Taking into account constant threats coming from various types of swindlers and hackers, it is no wonder that resources available for protecting one's cryptocurrency and maintaining security are relatively scarce.

First of all, please rest assured that our technical security staff are the best in the blockchain protection and web security industry. They guarantee complete security of viarium.io and all stored data.
The Viarium project reminds you that genuine security starts with you! Please follow simple rules, and your currency will be protected against any hacker attack.

11. Never send your currency to ETH / BTC addresses that can be emailed to you by any member of the Viarium team or from viarium.io domain, because an email address can be easily changed. Our team uses a two-stage authentication process to minimize such risks, however, if you receive a letter with such information, feel free to contact us via Telegram: @viariumen or using our official email address: info@viarium.io

2. Always make sure that you follow the right link. You will need some time to check whether a link is safe, but this can save your nerves and your currency. We advise you to use the following services:

а) http://www.google.ru/safebrowsing/diagnostic?site=viarium.io
б) http://www.unmaskparasites.com/
в) http://www.phishtank.com/

3. Always contact us if you believe that you have detected something or that someone is trying to steal your currency or tamper with Viarium. We'll do everything we can to maintain security.

Viarium will keep track on a ongoing basis of all current hacking methods to ensure your security! Join our project now!
Viarium is a technological platform that will be developed by attracting new participants via a marketing and PR campaign in various areas of the world. We plan to use a part of the raised funds to open points of access for VR technologies in the real world in areas with busy traffic. This will popularize the technology and widen the audience (for more details, please refer to our business model described in the corresponding document).
We open physical showrooms with VR equipment, the so-called "islets" that enable businesses to demonstrate any goods in an area ranging from 1 to 10 square meters. We plan to do so in trading centers all over the world.
Our platform is designed for a broad range of public: investors, VR content developers, business owners, science fiction and art fans, property developers, healthcare agencies, shipbuilders and ordinary buyers.
Yes, we will continue with our project regardless of the Token Sale outcome.
The Viarium team plans to hold the Token Sale in two stages: at the first half of 2018 and in 2019. The funds collected at the first stage will be used for improving the project architecture and creating an alpha version of the blockchain platform. The funds collected at the second stage will be used for project development and scaling and further promotion of the platform worldwide.
The information about raised funds will be available from the beginning of the Pre Sale, i.e. from 16.07.2018
The withdrawal of tokens will be made possible after the end of the Token Sale and after all the necessary technical procedures have been completed.
The purchase will be available in your personal account. After the Token Sale is finished and virtual land units are sold, buildings and infrastructure will be created on them. Later, the owner of the building will be able to put those out for sale or rent.
This procedure is described in our White Paper and in other instructions. The participants digitize the content they need. First, a concept is drawn, then a 3D model is made, followed by optimization and coding, and in the end, the textures are smoothed.
You can create it yourself, place an order on the marketplace, or have it created by a third party designer.
By limiting the endless "inflation" of lots, we will be able to increase the initial demand for them, add an element of rivalry to the development of lots and an additional incentive to participate in the auctions.
The Viarium plans to offer such services itself. In the future, we also plan to create marketplaces and design kits for buildings and showrooms. However, any participant is free to use the services provided by a third party.
The user is solely responsible for the updates. Of course, we will notify the users in advance.
The community control the processes of voting and blocking of lots by using their shares. This process is completely decentralized and is not controlled by Viarium.
The exchange of the VRX token for other cryptocurrencies will be made via specialized exchanges. The participants of the Viarium platform will also be able to get revenue for their services in any possible way by mutual arrangement with their contractors. For instance, they can conclude a P2P contract with payment in a traditional fiat currency.
The size of your lot depends on the number of tokens you have bought and on your participation in the auction.
One lot in every universe of the Viarium protocol will be no larger than 10 meters by 10 meters. One single universe cannot contain more than 10,000 lots of combined area of 1,000,000 sq. m.
The price of every new land (universe) will increase proportionally to its serial number (1, 2, 3 etc.). The Concept of the Viarium Universe document will contain a more detailed calculation formula.
The issue of computational capacities is the issue of the maximum distribution of load. At present, there is no perfect solution. But the market never cease to develop. The decentralization of capacities already makes it possible to significantly reduce the load.
Virtual reality gloves and costumes have already been designed which transmit tactile sensations and temperature. In the near future, they will hit the mass market and be available for purchase.
To work with the Viarium platform, you only need to access your personal account from the browser of your computer. However, to enter the Viarium virtual world, you will need a powerful computer with a good video card, and a virtual reality headset, either Oculus Rift or HTC Vive with Touch Controllers. The platform can also be accessed from any virtual reality device. You can control content, lands, etc. from any browser.
176 JOO CHIAT ROAD #02-02
Singapore 427447
176 JOO CHIAT ROAD #02-02
Singapore 427447