Please tell about your project in a few words.

Viarium is the first decentralized VR-platform for business on the blockchain.

We connect companies and their consumers in a comfortable, accessible-from-anywhere environment, for interaction. The use of blockchain technology allows us to confirm ownership rights for digital objects inside the platform, namely: land, shopping areas, VR-worlds.

VR technology gives us the ability to create a presence effect: walking around apartments, houses, and even districts that do not yet exist in reality, test drive a car without leaving the comfort of one’s home, observe digital art in a new dimension.

We have already brought to life the following commercial projects: virtual realtor for one of Russia’s largest banks, a VR-shop for one of the largest online retailers, and an animated modern art gallery for a talented artist.

Why does Viarium use blockchain technology?
We use blockhain in our project for the following purposes:
  • 1. Copyright protection of content.
  • 2. Building a decentralized network that performs work on transcoding, storage and the delivery of a signal.
  • 3. To trace the history of content and history of publication.
  • 4. To create a convenient award system for nodes-participants within our network.
  • 5. To create a stable and a decentralized P2P economy.
Who validates the transactions made during the ICO?
You can transfer cryptocurrency to the BTC / ETH address from your wallet. Within half an hour (after the ethereum or the bitcoin network finished validating the transaction), you will see the number of tokens that you will receive at the end of the ICO campaign.
How can I buy square meters in your VR shopping malls?
After the ICO is finished and the virtual land units are sold, buildings can be created directly on them. Then, the owner of the building will be able to put them out for sale or for rent. The purchase will be available in your personal account.
What are your main advantages and how is your project different from similar platforms?
United infrastructure in VR for business and for entertainment. B2B and P2P relationships. Decentralized system of virtual worlds, independent of any single hoster.
Is decentralization really beneficial for a VR platform?
Decentralization serves at least the following purposes:
  • 1. Offers a more modern approach to privacy.
  • 2. Reduces broadcasting and rendering costs (by redistributing work between partner nodes).
  • 3. Makes it possible to stream VR content directly to the end users regardless of their country of residence or geographic location.
  • 4. Offers a better form of security.
From which country can I participate?
Participation is open to all countries, but there are some exceptions. These exceptions are including the rules that exist in some jurisdictions, such as: the United States, Singapore, etc. Please be sure to always check rules that are applied within your own jurisdiction.
Why have you decided to issue this particular amount of tokens?
When discussing the business plan and the road map at the development stage, we had come to a conclusion that this financial model allows us to cover all possible costs for the next 3 - 5 years.
Will the project continue to exist in the event that the ICO is not successful?
Yes. We shall continue with our project regardless of the ICO outcome. In fact our project already exists and we offer a number of products for the fiat world.
What equipment will I need in order to work with the platform?
To work with the Viarium platform, you only need to access your personal cabinet from the browser of your computer. However, to enter the Viarium virtual world, you will need a powerful computer with a good video card, and a virtual reality headset, either Oculus Rift or HTC Vive with Touch Controllers.
Where do the commercial interests of your company lie (how will you earn money)?
The Viarium Company plans to earn money in the following ways:
- by providing a possibility for large brands to offer their products in the points of access worldwide;
- by leasing and selling lots in their virtual reality possession;
- by offering such additional services as digitising, design etc.
Is there a maximum or a minimum investment?
No, there are no limitations on your participation in the ICO.
When will it be possible to withdraw tokens from your website?
The withdrawal of tokens will be enabled after the end of the ICO and the carrying out of all the necessary technical procedures (usually 48 to 72 hours after the end of the crowd sale).
When will the token be listed on exchanges? On which exchanges will it be listed?
The listing of the VRX token on the exchanges is not the highest priority to our company. The main goal and purpose of the company is to create a quality product for the end consumer and to organise high-quality support for it. However, in the future we do plan to communicate and interact with exchanges.
How can I take part in the airdrop?
To take part in the airdrop, you do not need to do anything. Soon we will provide more details.
When will the information about collected funds be available?
The information about collected funds will be available since the beginning of the pre-ICO, i. e. since the 1 July 2018.
How is a showroom/gallery created in a virtual world?
The procedure is described in our White Paper and in other instructions. In a nutshell, the participants digitise the content they need. For instance, a concept is drawn, then a 3D model is made, followed by optimisation and coding, and in the end, the textures are smoothed.
Are technical issues such as the creation of VR models solved by the members of the team of Viarium? Or is outsourcing necessary?
The Viarium team plans to offer such services itself. In the future, we also plan to create marketplaces and design kits. However, any participant is free to use the services provided by a third party.
How will the computational capacities be sufficient in the future if the graphics improve every year?
The issue of computational capacities is the issue of the maximum distribution of load. At present, there is no perfect solution. But the market never stops developing. The decentralisation of capacities already makes it possible to significantly reduce the load.
How will the obsolete virtual models be updated?
The user bears the entire responsibility for the updates. Of course, we will notify the users in advance.
Can the blocking of a lot be put to the vote if this lot does not contain any content that transgresses the rules? Is deblocking possible in the future?
The community uses its shares to control the processes of vote and blocking of lots. This process is completely decentralised and not controlled by the Viarium company.
How will the verification of licensing and originality of the goods be carried out, necessary to protect the consumers from forgeries and replicas? Who will act as arbiter of disputes and assure the repayment in a controversial situation?
This issue is addressed in more detail in the user agreement of the platform. We strongly recommend you to have a look at it before starting to use the platform.
How can I get additional income using the VRX token?
Participants and users of the project get a unique possibility to create and develop their points of sale and entire virtual worlds. Besides increasing their sales, they can get additional income by using the VRX token.
Who needs your platform? What is your target group?
Our platform is designed for the broadest public: investors, VR content developers, business owners, science fiction and art lovers, construction companies, healthcare agencies, shipbuilders and simple buyers.
In which countries do you plan to work?
We open physical showrooms with VR equipment, the so-called ‘islets’ that enable businesses to demonstrate any goods in an area ranging from 1 to 10 square metres. We plan to do so in trading centres all over the world.
How will you create a sense of touch? Do you already have some groundwork?
In the future, VR technologies would allow to get tactile sensations in virtual space.
How will I be able to withdraw my income in the virtual world to the real physical world? Is it possible at all?
The exchange of the VRX token for other cryptocurrencies will be made via specialised exchanges. The participants of the Viarium platform will also be able to get revenue for their services in any possible way by mutual arrangement with their contractors. For instance, they can conclude a P2P contract with payment in traditional fiat currency.
Creation of a virtual space. How does this process look?
The procedure is described in the document The Concept of the VIARIUM Universe that will shortly be available on the website.
What does the size of my lot depend on (besides the money paid)?
The lands of the Viarium protocol strongly depend on the strength of computational capacities employed to support the platform.
How can you keep the price of the lots high inside your platform?
By limiting the endless ‘inflation’ of lots, we will be able to increase the initial demand for them, add an element of rivalry to the development of lots and an additional incentive to participate in the auctions.
Is the number of lots in your world limited?
One lot in every universe of the Viarium protocol will be no larger than 10 metres by 10 metres but without any height limitations. One single universe cannot contain more than 10,000 lots of combined area of 1,000,000 sq. m.
Will the price of the standard lot be fixed or not?
The price of every new land (universe) will increase proportionally to its serial number (1, 2, 3 etc.). The Concept of the Viarium Universe document will contain a more detailed calculation formula.
What do you need the token for?
The VRX token is used in following operations within the platform:
  • - To pay commission fee when the new territories created;
  • - To take part in the allotment auction at the creation of virtual territories and in the change-of-ownership (sale) transactions;
  • - To pay commission fees (if necessary) for creation of unique items and their monetisation, marketplace commission fees and other fees;
  • - To pay for server capacities that support the functioning of the entire virtual space;
  • - To take part in voting on the issues of internal management of virtual territories;
  • - To pay for the content used under any possible license, if the creators of such content will use such a method of monetisation for their intellectual property;
  • - To pay for the services of the employees and various service providers of the platform.
Why do you need an ICO? Will you conduct an IPO?
The Viarium team carries out an ICO to be able to implement the project and for the subsequent promotion of the platform in the entire world. It does not plan to carry out an IPO before the end of 2019.
What is your soft and hard cap. What will you do if you do not raise the softcap?
The soft-cap is $2,000,000. The hard-cap is $20,000,000.
When will the ICO finish?
The ICO will finish on the 31 of August 2018
The price of the Viarium (VRX) during the main ICO will amount to $0.06. Is this a reduced price or not? If not, will there be any reductions?
Reductions of between 5% to 30% from $0.06 will be available at the pre-ICO stage.